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What is two meals extra?

“We rise by lifting others” - Robert Ingersoll

The world is struggling, the world is fighting a battle. Not all are privileged to survive during this battle. Looking at such pandemic crisis, a group of volunteers called Two Meals Extra come forward to pay our bit to humanity.

Two meals extra is an organisation run to feed the underprivileged, migrants, daily wage workers who are starving for their basic necessity such as food during the time of crisis. As the name says, two meals extra, we need to prepare two extra meals while cooking for our family and those two extra meals are distributed to needy ones by our volunteers.


“Hunger is something no one should struggle with or be judged for” - Dawn, ID

During this pandemicwhile we all are privileged to work from home and getting all the essentials to fulfil our daily needs, there is a major part of society who are deprived from these privileges and is struggling for basic need of food. Looking at these communities like daily wage workers, sweepers, cleaners or the other underprivileged who forms a really strong base of our society, we have come up with an idea of Two meals extra. Where everyone in this society deserves to get food. With each contributor doing their bit for the society and cooking two extra meals for the poor and underprivileged. In this way we all can stay together and fight together. Let’s give a little of our privilege to the ones who are deprived from it.

Our contribution to this cause is not restricted to serve humanity during this COVID pandemic but also, we will continue this noble work after it. Once this COVID crisis is over, we are looking forward to continue providing food to slum areas as they have always been struggling for their daily bread. Also, our future vision is to provide healthy and nutritious meals to government school children in rural areas so that they can also get healthy and homely food.

Let’s lift each other together and get stronger. Also, nobody gets poor by giving.


“No One has ever become poor by giving.” - Anne Frank

To enable each individual to take the responsibility of deprived community of the society in India and to eliminate their starving out of hunger. To help them surviving the crisis, to enable them with the basic needs of human being and serving them by sharing what we have. Rising them and building them stronger. We are looking forward to enlighten the thought in the minds and will in the hearts of people to serve the humanity. The mission is not restricted to help people during COVID but to always think about the part of society who is deprived from basic facilities and needs of life and help them with whatever we can do. India has a large number of people who are below poverty line and are often overlooked by the privileged ones. The mission to create awareness among privileged ones to look after those in need in every hour of need. Covid pandemic is a huge crisis in front of entire world and the world needs support. Our mission is to provoke the kindness of our hearts to be in favour of the ones in need even after the pandemic is over and people are back to their everyday routine. There will always be people who need help and also there will always be people who help. We are looking forward to bring more and more people together who can help to those in need.

Once the situation starts stabilizing, we aim to tie up with govt schools by providing home cooked meals. The other aspect we would be focusing on is creating awareness around menstrual hygiene in rural area.


“We don’t need to have deep pockets or be rich to help the poor, the needy and the hungry, we need to have a heart” - Kevin Dcruz

With many contributors supporting, we are successfully running is various areas of Pune.We had started with providing 50 meals a day and now has reached to providing 1500+ meals a day to the people in need with the help of 500+ individual flats and houses and 50+ societies. We are looking forward to increase the numbers and reach to more and more people in need and help them, support them with whatever we can. We are serving migrants travelling back to their homes via government authorized Shramik trains and buses. We have also partnered with Sevadeep foundations who is our logistic partner to serve food to the areas that cannot be reached by us during this increase in our scope of operations.

We trying to be or build a bridge between these underprivileged and privileged people as we all together form this society and every individual is important.