About Us

How did it start?

“There is no exercise better for the heart than reaching down and lifting people up.” - John Holmes

Whenever it comes to serve the needy, there are always few people who have humanity in their veins and kindness in their heart. Having the same desire in heart to help the ones in need, our one of the team mate Mr. Navdeep Singh, an IT professional came up with the thought of feeding the ones who are starving out of hunger during this pandemic. However, how to implement this was a real question. As there are many organisations and people taking donations in intention to help the needy but is the aid reaching to the right people? How else we can contribute to it? In answer to these questions he came up with a thought “why don’t we cook a little extra while cooking for our families and donate it to the ones in need?”

He asked few people and families to cook a little extra and he would collect it from them and distribute to needy. He named the initiative as Two Meals Extra.He got to know about the situation in schools and slum areas which was really pathetic. The daily wagers who earn their bread by working everyday are now jobless. And there is no other way to get them food. This boosted him and his desire to help them became stronger.

Initially it started with distributing 15 meals and just one person whose idea it was. And in just a span of one month, today we have reached distributing 1500+ meals a day with the help of 15 volunteers and 300+ contributors. We seek for the help in the form of food and not money, which can directly be distributed to underprivileged and needy in this time of crisis. In case, if someone willing to help but can not provide food, he can make donations in the form of money with the help of which we get food cooked by our partner restaurants which cooks for us at Rs.10 per meal. We have tied up with one local gurudwara which prepares food for us and we distribute it.

It started in Pune initially but now we are running successfully in Aurangabad, Nasik and Vellore. We all have a positivity and humanity inside us. Let’s channelize it in an appropriate way. The world needs more kind hearts…


How do we process?

We collect cooked food from societies and apartments and distribute them to needy, migrants and slum people. We are group of IT people in which Most of us has took loss of pay during COVID- pandemic to serve humanity.

We are providing 1200+ meals everyday with the help of all contributors and donators including 50+ societies and 500 odd flats

The process is explained in below few quick steps:

  • 1. Societies have to contact us for the registration through our website or contact number provided.
  • 2. Individual flats (minimum 10 i.e. 20 food packets) in a society who are willing to contribute in this noble cause, cook two extra meals while cooking for their family.
  • 3. Packaging material is provided by us. Contributors have to just pack the cooked meals in those packages and drop the packets in society's common area/near security guards.
  • 4. We'll collect the packets and distribute them to the ones who actually need it.


Where are we serving?

We started this initiative in Pune first with one person serving 50 meals a day to now a team of 25+ volunteers serving around 1500 meals per day. We are serving in near 25+ areas of Pune.

Apart from Pune, we are running in Delhi, Bangalore, Aurangabad, Nasik and Jamshedpur as well. Near about 50000+ meals have been served till date.

Who are we as humans if we ignore the sufferings of others? You can actually feed a soul with our streamlined and transparent process where your help actually reach to needy.