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The world is struggling, the world is fighting a battle. Not all are privileged to survive during this battle. Looking at such pandemic crisis, a group of volunteers called Two Meals Extra come forward to pay our bit to humanity.


During this pandemicwhile we all are privileged to work from home and getting all the essentials to fulfil our daily needs, there is a major part of society who are deprived from these privileges and is struggling for basic need of food.


To enable each individual to take the responsibility of deprived community of the society in India and to eliminate their starving out of hunger. To help them surviving the crisis, to enable them with the basic needs of human being and serving them by sharing what we have. Rising them and building them stronger.


With many contributors supporting, we are successfully running is various areas of Pune.We had started with providing 50 meals a day and now has reached to providing 1500+ meals a day to the people in need with the help of 500+ individual flats and houses and 50+ societies.


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How did it start?

“There is no exercise better for the heart than reaching down and lifting people up.” - John Holmes

Whenever it comes to serve the needy, there are always few people who have humanity in their veins and kindness in their heart. Having the same desire in heart to help the ones in need, our one of the team mate Mr. Navdeep Singh, an IT professional came up with the thought of feeding the ones who are starving out of hunger during this pandemic. However, how to implement this was a real question. As there are many organisations and people taking donations in intention to help the needy but is the aid reaching to the right people? How else we can contribute to it? In answer to these questions he came up with a thought “why don’t we cook a little extra while cooking for our families and donate it to the ones in need?”


How do we process?

We collect cooked food from societies and apartments and distribute them to needy, migrants and slum people. We are group of IT people in which Most of us has took loss of pay during COVID- pandemic to serve humanity.
We are providing 1200+ meals everyday with the help of all contributors and donators including 50+ societies and 500 odd flats


Where are we serving?

We are serving in near 25+ areas of Pune. Apart from Pune, we are running in Delhi, Bangalore, Aurangabad, Nasik and Jamshedpur as well. Near about 50000+ meals have been served till date.


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“Giving is not just about making a donation, it’s about making a difference” - Kathy Calvin

The world is huge and so are the struggles. But we all together can try to help a few in their struggles. We are accepting your help in few forms of donation which will be directly supplied to the ones in need. Every little effort and every small penny counts. One small action from all of us can lead to a big change. You can contribute to the noble cause in any of the ways listed:


1. Donate cooked meal:

If you are willing to contribute to this initiative by donating cooked meals to the needy, all you have to do is, get your society registered with us, cook two meals extra while cooking for your family. It can be any curry/daal and rice or roti and sabji, anything that you cook for your family. We’ll provide you packaging material. Pack the cooked food in those packets and drop the packets at your societies common area or near security guard. Our volunteers will collect the food packets and distribute them to the labours, migrants, and others in need.

To get your society registered with us, please visit the link.


2. Donate raw material:

If you can’t provide cooked food, we have an option where you provide us minimum 2kgsof raw material (Daal, rice or oil) per flat and maximum to any quantity which would be collected from your society. The raw material collected from you would be given to some vendor or gurudwara to get the food cooked in bulk which can be distributed to migrants and needy.


3. Monetary donation:

If any contribution in above mentioned forms is not possible for you, you can still contribute by donating some amount of money via paytm/gpay. We have a tie up with few restaurants which cook for us at the rate of Rs.20/meal. The money donated by you will be used to get meals cooked from our tied-up partners and will be distributed to the ones in need.


For donation related queries, please connect at

GOOGLEPAY/PAYTM: +91-8412017816



We are trying to reach and help maximum people as possible. Your little contribution can make a big change because a little by little, a little becomes a lot. A little sharing with the ones in need, can make their lives easier and our lives filled with joy.

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